Field Paint Only. This means you cannot bring in your own paint to use on our fields. All paint shot on the field or Chronograph range must be paint purchased from Family Paintball Center.

What if it’s the same kind of paint as the field paint?

Nope… sorry, unless it was purchased at our field – you cannot use it on the fields. Family Paintball Center paintballs are specially formulated not stain our facility, or your clothes.

Ok… But Why FPO?            (field paint Only)​

Several reasons.

One is insurance and liability. It is one of the questions on our insurance application, and they prefer field paint only as it reduces the chances of altered paint that might not break as easy and could cause injury.

Another reason is clean up. We face a whole different set of clean up problems with other paintballs which are not formulated for us. Some paints don’t clean up as well and can stain bunker's, walls, masks, and also make it harder for our customers to clean their equipment, jerseys, etc.

A third reason is safety and enjoyment. You might have noticed that some paintballs hurt a lot more than others when you get hit. This is not only a function of how fast the gun is shooting (and we Chronograph everyone’s gun between 260 to 299 fps), but also on the shell type and fill.


The more inexpensive paintballs use a recycled gelatin shell which does not break as easily – and hurt a lot more! It turns out if the paintball breaks on contact, it distributes the energy which makes it more fun and less discomforting than getting hit with other paintballs.


To make sure our customers have fun, without the pain that can be associated with other fields that allow anyone to bring in any paint they want, we insist that all players on our fields shoot field paint only; a high quality, easy breaking, non-staining paint. With a lot of experimentation, we have chosen the field paint formulas that will work best for our unique situation.

And lastly, let’s be honest. Money. The expense and operating costs of any facility are huge and must be covered by the sale of Paintballs, as Rentals only go so far in covering all operating costs.

Keep in mind that you can’t really compare our price of paint to a retail store. They just hand you the box, and they are done. In our facility, every paintball you shoot has to be cleaned up. We have to pick them up, sweep the floors, power wash, and steam clean each week to remove the paint residue from each paintball that gets shot in our fields. If it makes you feel better, think of it as we are selling you a case for $42 of which $20 goes to clean it up after you shoot it!

We want to be fair to our customers, but we must make a few dollars to keep the doors open. Our specially formulated paint is a top grade premium paint that shoots great, breaks easy, and cleans up nicely.  You can buy in quantities from 500 – 2000 paintballs. From $20 to $42.

We’ve had people ask about “Paint Fees” or Extra Fee to allow outside paint.

If you stop and think about it, Restaurants do not allow you to bring your own steak into the restaurant and charge a Meat Fee, or your own popcorn into the movie theater, or your own beer to a bar. To assure a quality product, and a safe environment for all, we must maintain our Field Paint Only – FPO policy. Besides, It sounds a little bit like a bribe to ask us to accept more money to allow someone to break the rules.

What if I do sneak in my own paint?

You will be asked to not use your outside paint; if caught a 2nd time, you will be asked leave the facility for the rest of the day. There are no refunds – so please do not put yourself, or us in that situation. Be respectful of other participants and the fact that it is only fair to all, if everyone follows the same rules.

What if it’s field paint that I got from you before?​​

If you have paint left over after a day of play, there is no problem bringing it back. Our paint is unique to our field, it is not sold anywhere else in the US.  Now you must take care of the field paint.  Paintballs are very susceptible to heat, cold and humidity, so you want to leave them in a sealed bag in the house.  Do not freeze them (they will break) and do not leave them in a hot car (they will melt) and they should be fine.  Family Paintball Center will have the final say on whether any paintballs are allowed to be used, so if in doubt, just show them to us and ask!

****If different paintballs than our Field Paint was used in an unusual circumstance it can only be used the day of and not any day after that****