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The Fields

Where the magic happens

The choice for many tournament players, Speedball is a fast-paced playing field that is comprised of inflatable bunkers and artificial turf. The positioning of the bunkers are changed frequently to match major tournament layouts. Rental players and beginners can feel like the pros on this field!

The newest addition to our facility, Battletown is an urban-style field that features two major points of interest, a diner and a gas station. Battletown is still going through the upgrade phase, so pardon the dust. The final version of this field will have four points of interest. We expect these upgrades to be completed by Q4 2022. 

Fanatics of the western frontier, cowboys, and outlaws will love taking a trip down to the Wild West. This field features a fully reimagined western-style town. Players will make their way through the local saloon, sheriff's office, blacksmith and more! Experience close-quarters-combat like never before as you explore the town.

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