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So what's Family Paintball Center? In short, we're a paintball park that features 3 action-packed playing fields with premium rental equipment that everyone can enjoy. We're the perfect spot to host your special event.

Here's how Family Paintball Center works:

step 1

Hosting an event

Whether your hosting a birthday, corporate event, bachelor's party, or a family gathering, we got you covered. We give our guests the freedom to bring their own food and drinks, and decorations to match with the theme of their event. Our booking system makes it simple to pick a date and time for your event. Reservations aren’t required, though you may end up waiting longer during peak times on the weekends or risk getting turned away due to low rental equipment availability.

Thanks for subscribing!

Seating areas are guaranteed for reservations.

The size of the area depends on the number of players in your party. Guests that reserve a Private Host will automatically get upgraded to our VIP courtyard seating area.

Does our group get a reserved seating area?

No, we charge for rental packages that include paintball

equipment, admission to the playing fields, paintballs, and 2-3 hours of play time. We offer a variety of options for rental packages. Please visit our 'PRICES' tab to get a detailed summary.

Do you charge by the hour?

Absolutely! Visit our 'GROUP RATES' tab under 'PRICES'

to view all our current discounted packages. We offer 10% off discounts for law enforcement, firefighters, and members of the military.

Do you offer group rates or discounts?

step 2

which package is best for you?

Paintball is a unique activity; there's nothing that compares to it. Because of the variety of options that come with the game of paintball, we offer multiple packages to tailor make your paintball experience. From individual rental package options to special pricing options for groups under 10 players, we guarantee you'll find something that fits your needs. For children under 7 years old, we have Gel Blaster packages to get them into the game!

We designed our Weekday and Weekend group packages to accommodate 6-10 players. If your group consists of fewer than 6 players or exceeds 10 players, you can explore our Private Host package or individual rental options.

Groups Over 10 Players

View our Playing Fields 

Familiarize yourself with our three playing fields before you visit us.

Safety +

Code of Conduct

We are committed to providing a fun and safe experience to all of our guests and players. Please take a look at our 'RULES & POLICIES' page to familiarize yourself with our code of conduct.

step 3

traditional or
low impact

Now that you know which package will fit your group's needs, it's time to choose between Traditional paintballs or Low Impact paintballs. Traditional paintballs are the perfect option for ages 12+ and returning players. Low Impact paintballs are made with children in mind. Low Impact paintballs are 50% smaller than Traditional paintballs and travel at 180 feet-per-second compared to 260 FPS. We recommend Low Impact paintballs for  players between ages 7 through 11.


NOTE: The entire group must opt into using the same paintballs.

Rain or shine, the games go on! Our paintball equipment is

all-weather proof and customer seating areas are all covered from nature's elements. The only time that there's a stoppage in play is during a lightning storm.

Does the facility close due to weather?

Yes, players are allowed to bring their paintball markers,

masks, and other equipment. Family Paintball Center is a

Field Paint Only facility. Our guests are prohibited from bringing paintballs purchased outside of the facility.

Can I bring my own equipment?

Paintball players must be 7 years or older. Anyone under 6

can play with our 'GEL BLASTER' packages. Players under 16 must have their waivers completed by their natural guardians. All players must have a waiver completed before checking in.

Are there any age restrictions?

step 4

Does your group need a private host?

The Private Host package is our most popular service. With the Private Host package, your group will have a personal Crew Member for your entire outing. They'll chaperone the players and ensure the level of fun is at its highest! The Private Host package is perfect for kids under 12! 

What's the dress code?

We recommend wearing sporty attire. Make sure to fully

cover your arms and legs and DON'T wear flip-flops or sandals. Avoid adding too many layers, we are in Miami after all.

Yes. Our paintballs don't stain and come off on the first wash.

Make sure to throw your clothes in the washer as soon as possible after your outing.

Will the paint come off my clothes?

Of course. We have a cleaning station to clean and sanitize masks and chest protectors. We use disinfectant cleaner liquid to sanitize our markers.

Is the rental equipment sanitized?

step 5

Understanding the game of paintball

The game of paintball might seem complicated on the surface, but it's not. Your group can choose to play Team Elimination on any of our 3 playing fields. The first step is split your group as evenly as possible and go to the designated starting areas in the fields. The referee will check that both sides are ready and start a countdown from 3 seconds and yell GO! At this point you'll have one mission; search for your opponents and eliminate them! The last team standing will win the game. Get ready to play multiple rounds during your outing.

How many rounds can I play?

You can play as many rounds as you'd like! The amount of

time you play is dependent on the amount of paintballs your group goes through. Keep in mind that all are packages have a maximum time of 2-3 hours, only guaranteed before 3 PM.

The impact of a paintball on your skin is comparable to a

rubber band being snapped on your skin. It's quick sting and the pain goes away instantly. Our Low Impact paintballs are even less painful which makes it perfect for kids over 7.

Does getting hit by paintballs hurt?

Not at all. Your group is allowed to play amongst themselves.

We operate like your favorite theme parks meaning that our 3 playing fields all have queues. Rounds typically last 3-5 minutes. Once your group goes into the field, it'll only be you guys in there.

Does my group have to play with other groups?

step 6

Book your
thrilling event today!

Now that you understand how everything works here at Family Paintball Center, it's time to book your reservation! If you have any questions that we didn't answer here or in our Frequently Asked Questions section, feel free to call us at 786-268-9208 or send us an email at You can also leave us a message using our contact form.

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